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Hello there and welcome to I Heart Jeri Ryan, your newest resource for everything Jeri Ryan!
My name is Claudia and I’m your webmiss who put together this site. First time I saw Jeri it was on Body of Proof and then on Major Crimes and in the latter, despite they wanted us to actually dislike her, I adored her. I never was one who watched Star Trek, until a couple of years ago a friend of mine got me into it and oh borg if I adore Seven of Nine. Seeing her back in Picard was amazing really. And it’s because of Picard that now you see the site up with content still to build, photos still to add but open, I wanted to be live before next episode of the show. What will happen with Seven? Who knows, we gotta watch to know.

I hope you enjoy what I’ve put up so far and this little place. Feel free to browse around.

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