Who’s the Boss?

Character: Pam

Created by: Martin Cohan, Blake Hunter

Directed by: Tony Singletary

Produced by: John Maxwell Anderson, Clay Graham, Bob Rosenfarb

Cast Members: Tony Danza, Judith Light, Alyssa Milano, Danny Pintauro, Katherine Helmond, Jonathan Halyalkar

Released date: February 5, 1991

Episode(s) Number: 7x17

Episode(s) Title: "The Unsinkable Tony Micelli"

Genre: Comedy, Family, Romance

Duration: 24min

Fearing Billy may turns into a couch potato like Mona, Tony urges him to pick a sport, but to his disappointment it's no team ball game but swimming, the only discipline Angela every excelled in. Tony's real trouble, which he told nobody yet, is that he never learned to swim, suffering from aquaphobia after being crushed by a fat woman as a kid. Still, Billy takes to it and needs a partner for the dad-don relay. Tony's private lesson with Angela starts promisingly, until another she-mammoth splashes in.


→ Jeri Ryan’s TV debut.