The O.C. (Episode Guide)

3.01 – The Aftermath
aired on September 8, 2005
Directed by: Ian Toynton | Written by: Josh Schwartz, Bob DeLaurentis

Trey clings to life, as police try to find out who really shot him; Julie Cooper and Jimmy determine to protect Marissa at all costs; Kirsten forms a friendship with a fellow recovering alcoholic.

3.02 – The Shape of Things to Come
aired on September 15, 2005
Directed by: Tony Wharmby | Written by: J.J. Philbin

Chaos reigns in the Cohen kitchen as Sandy, Ryan and Seth continue to cope with Kirsten’s rehab. Meanwhile, as Sandy encourages Kirsten to come home to her family, Kirsten’s attachment to Charlotte raises concern in Sandy.

3.03 – The End of Innocence
aired on September 22, 2005
Directed by: Michael Lange | Written by: Stephanie Savage

Although they are finally happy with each other, Marissa and Ryan are forced to stay apart by their parents. Elsewhere, Dean Hess pressures Seth and Summer into showing their Harbour school spirit, which leads them to devise a covert plan.

3.04 – The Last Waltz
aired on September 29, 2005
Directed by: Ian Toynton | Written by: John Stephens

Marissa adjusts to life in her new surroundings and makes some new friends at Newport Union, Ryan wonders how their separation will affect their relationship, and Seth’s feud with Dean Hess lands Summer in trouble.

3.05 – The Perfect Storm
aired on November 3, 2005
Directed by: Tony Wharmby | Written by: Mike Kelley

Ryan makes a life changing decision that Sandy surprisingly supports, and Marissa turns to her new public school friends for help with Ryan. The Harbour School’s Dean of Discipline, Dean Hess, continues his crusade to ruin Ryan’s future, and Summer and Seth go on their own crusade to reveal Dean Hess’s secret.

3.06 – The Swells
aired on November 10, 2005
Directed by: Mike Fresco | Written by: J.J. Philbin

Taylor ruins Seth’s night when she throws a Harbor School event that keeps Summer at a distance, and Marissa’s new friendship at the public school worries Summer so she enlists Ryan’s help.

3.07 – The Anger Management
aired on November 17, 2005
Directed by: Michael Fresco | Written by: John Stephens

When the gang heads to The Bait Shop to see the British rock band The Subways, Taylor’s behaviour causes a major rift between Seth and Summer. Determined to end the potentially explosive conflict between Ryan and Kevin Volchok, Marissa watches out for Ryan.