Star Trek: Voyager (Season Six)

6.01 – Equinox: Part II
aired on September 22, 1999
Directed by: David Livingston | Written by: Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky, Rick Berman

Temporarily shielded from the alien attack, Janeway orders that their first priority is to find the Equinox, stop Ransom and recover Seven of Nine. Chakotay disagrees but obeys. Voyager finds Equinox and captures a few of its crew members before they escape again. Chakotay stops Janeway within seconds of sacrificing the Equinox crewman and Janeway relieves him of duty. Meanwhile, the Equinox EMH, posing as Voyager’s doctor, keeps in contact with Ransom. The Doctor, on-board the Equinox with his ethical subroutines disabled, performs surgery on Seven that will extract information but destroy her brain. Ransom has a change of heart and decides to surrender to Janeway. In disagreement, his crew stages a mutiny. Janeway finds the Ankari, a race that can mediate with the attacking aliens, makes contact with them and agrees to turn over the Equinox in exchange for Voyager’s safety.

6.02 – Survival Instinct
aired on September 29, 1999
Directed by: Terry Windell | Written by: Ronald D. Moore

Voyager docks at a space outpost with a variety of Delta Quadrant species. Eager for some cultural exchange and friendly first contact, Captain Janeway grants shore leave to the crew and the welcome mat for visitors. Despite a few minor indents, all seems to be going well. Seven of Nine’s approached by an alien who holds actual Borg relays from her original unimatrix. Upon seeing them, she’s overwhelmed with images and memories of when she was last in contact with the items.

6.03 – Barge of the Dead
aired on October 6, 1999
Directed by: Mike Vejar | Written by: Ronald D. Moore, Bryan Fuller

A brutal experience aboard a shuttle puts B’Elanna in touch with the Klingon afterlife, where the Barge of the Dead steers her towards Klingon hell along with her mother.

6.04 – Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy
aired on October 13, 1999
Directed by: John Bruno | Written by: Bill Vallely

The Doctor’s experiment with daydreaming gets out of control when his program is compromised by an alien race. The aliens bully passing ships for supplies, but, before doing so, they first consult their command; The Hierarchy. One of the aliens mistakes the daydreams for reality, and gets permission to attack. Upon realizing his mistake, he offers to help Voyager, but only if they act out one of The Doctor’s fantasies where he is in command of Voyager.

6.05 – Alice
aired on October 20, 1999
Directed by: David Livingston | Written by: Juliann deLayne

The crew discovers a space age junkyard near their course. Desperate for supplies Voyager finds an eager trader. After an exhaustive search of the ship and the junkyard a list of items developed for trade. Avid pilot Tom Paris notices a “race car” among the assemblage. Paris convinces Chakotay to acquire it to have an extra “away” ship. Paris begins cleaning and repairing and slowly becomes obsessed with this very unique space vessel.

6.06 – Riddles
aired on November 3, 1999
Directed by: Roxann Dawson | Written by: Andre Bormanis

Returning from an away mission, the Delta Flyer is boarded. Tuvok is assaulted by a cloaked alien from a xenophobic race called the Ba’Neth. Neurological damage leaves the once-disciplined, logical Vulcan with the mentality of a lost and scared child. With Neelix’s help, Tuvok discovers new hobbies and embraces the concept of ‘fun.’

6.07 – Dragon’s Teeth
aired on November 10, 1999
Directed by: Winrich Kolbe | Written by: Michael Taylor

Voyager’s pushed into a sub-space corridor by the Turei, who claim ownership. After refusing to allow the wiping of Voyager’s data regarding the corridors, the ship lands on a nearby planet, where, 900 years ago the population sought shelter from nuclear winter in stasis pods, intent on waking 5 years later.

6.08 – One Small Step
aired on November 17, 1999
Directed by: Robert Picardo | Written by: Mike Wollaeger, Jessica Scott

Voyager encounters a graviton ellipse, a phenomenon that emerges from subspace on rare occasions. The anomaly engulfed a manned vessel during a Mars mission in 2032 and Chakotay is determined to retrieve the debris from inside the ellipse. Chakotay, Paris and Seven take the Delta Flyer in, but when an asteroid strikes, Chakotay, obsessed with retrieving the module, disobeys Janeway’s order to leave. The collision renders the Flyer flightless as the ellipse prepares to return to subspace.

6.09 – The Voyager Conspiracy
aired on November 24, 1999
Directed by: Terry Windell | Written by: Joe Menosky

Seven of Nine upgrades her Borg alcove to assimilate mass amounts of data in short periods of time. The data leads Seven to theorize several conspiracies aboard Voyager involving their presence in the Delta Quadrant as an intentional act. Voyager meets Tash, an alien far from home building a catapult capable of launching ships hundreds of light-years in an instant. As Seven assimilates inconclusive data, her paranoia and imagination fills in the gaps and plants the seed of doubt among the crew.

6.10 – Pathfinder
aired on December 1, 1999
Directed by: Michael Vejar | Written by: David Zabel

On Earth, Barclay uses holograms to formulate a plan to open communications with Voyager.

6.11 – Fair Haven
aired on January 12, 2000
Directed by: Allan Kroeker | Written by: Robin Burger

Capt. Janeway falls for an Irish barman character she modifies within Tom’s holodeck Irish village recreational getaway for the crew called Fair Haven.

6.12 – Blink of an Eye
aired on January 19, 2000
Directed by: Gabrielle Beaumont | Written by: Michael Taylor

Voyager is trapped in orbit above a strange planet where time passes thousands of times faster than in the surrounding galaxy. As the population of the planet evolves Voyager becomes an integral part of their culture. Eventually they develop technology that allows them to send someone to the “Sky Ship”.

6.13 – Virtuoso
aired on January 26, 2000
Directed by: Les Landau | Written by: Raf Green

The Doctor’s singing talent is so appreciated by an alien species, he considers resigning his commission and staying on with his millions of adoring fans.

6.14 – Memorial
aired on February 2, 2000
Directed by: Allan Kroeker | Written by: Brannon Braga

Members of an away mission start dreaming about a species they have never seen before who are in a gruesome battle on an unknown planet.

6.15 – Tsunkatse
aired on February 9, 2000
Directed by: Mike Vejar | Written by: Gannon Kenney

Seven of Nine and Tuvok are kidnapped while on an away mission and Seven’s orced to fight in their gladiatorial competition to the death.

6.16 – Collective
aired on February 16, 2000
Directed by: Allison Liddi | Written by: Andrew Shepard Price, Mark Gaberman

Several Borg children abduct Chakotay, Kim, Neelix and Paris.

6.17 – Spirit Folk
aired on February 23, 2000
Directed by: David Livingston | Written by: Bryan Fuller

For the holographic inhabitants of Fair Haven, unworldly actions from Voyager personnel fit only one explanation – they’re faerie folk.

6.18 – Ashes to Ashes
aired on March 1, 2000
Directed by: Terry Windell | Written by: Ronald Wilkerson

Three years ago, when Ensign Lyndsey Ballard died on an away mission, Voyager gave her a traditional burial in space. Her remains were recovered by the Kobali, a race that procreates by reanimating the corpses of other races and altering their DNA. When Lyndsey flees the Kobali and returns to Voyager, Janeway is skeptical but medical scans prove she is the real deal. While The Doctor can’t make her human again, he alters her appearance to look like her old self and she tries to reintegrate herself with the crew. Also in this episode, Seven of Nine is frustrated to find the Borg children act more like children and less like Borg, despite her allotting ‘fun’ in their daily schedule.

6.19 – Child’s Play
aired on March 8, 2000
Directed by: Mike Vijear | Written by: Paul Brown

When Icheb’s parents are located, Seven of Nine should be overjoyed, but instead does not believe their tale of Icheb’s original assimilation.

6.20 – Good Shepherd
aired on March 15, 2000
Directed by: Winrich Kolbe | Written by: Dianna Gitto

Three errant crewmen. What’s Janeway to do? Take ’em on an away mission to see their colors true.

6.21 – Live Fast and Prosper
aired on April 19, 2000
Directed by: LeVar Burton | Written by: Robin Burger

The Voyager crew is the victim of identity theft. A clever trio of con artists claiming to be Janeway, Chakotay, and Tuvok are making trades all over the quadrant and giving Voyager a bad name. When they skip out on the bill, the collectors demand payment from the real Voyager. Once Janeway has her doppelganger in custody, Neelix ‘accidently’ lets her escape, allowing the real Captain run her own double-cross.

6.22 – Muse
aired on April 19, 2000
Directed by: Mike Vejar | Written by: Joe Menosky

An alien playwright discovers B’Elanna Torres, crash landed in the Delta Flier, and uses her and her logs as story material to please his patron.

6.23 – Fury
aired on May 3, 2000
Directed by: John Bruno | Written by: Rick Berman, Brannon Braga

Kes returns to Voyager – older, angry, and more powerful than ever. She literally tears through the ship. Using her abilities in combination with Voyager’s warp core, Kes travels back in time to Voyager’s first year in the Delta Quadrant. Her agenda is to kidnap her younger self and return her to the Ocampa, even if it means turning her former friends over to the Vidiians. The only one to suspect anything is Tuvok, who is experiencing intermittent visions and memories of the future.

6.24 – Life Line
aired on May 10, 2000
Directed by: Terry Windell | Written by: John Bruno, Robert Picardo

The Pathfinder Project makes use of a pulsar and the MIDAS Array allowing a data stream to reach Voyager – and Voyager to reply – every 32 days. Lieutenant Barclay sends a letter to The Doctor asking for a second opinion for his dying friend. The eccentric genius Dr. Lewis Zimmerman who created the template for The Doctor’s program is terminally ill with no known cure in the Alpha Quadrant. After reviewing the medical record The Doctor believes he can cure Zimmerman, and convinces Captain Janeway to risk sending him through the data stream. The Doctor finds his maker to be his most difficult patient; Zimmerman insists The Doctor’s program is obsolete. Barclay recruits Deanna Troi to convince the two before Zimmerman’s time runs out.

6.25 – The Haunting of Deck Twelve
aired on May 17, 2000
Directed by: David Livingston | Written by: Mike Sussman

Neelix engages the four ex-Borg children in a ghost story to keep them calm during a ship-wide power shutdown.

6.26 – Unimatrix Zero
aired on May 24, 2000
Directed by: Allan Kroeker | Written by: Mike Sussman

Simultaneously, as Voyager nears an alien outpost decimated by the Borg, Seven of Nine begins to dream vividly of an idyllic sanctuary where a few Borg can gather subconsciously – Unimatrix Zero.