Mortal Kombat: Legacy

Character: Sonya Blade

Directed by: Kevin Tancharoen

Written by: Kevin Tancharoen, Todd Helbing, Aaron Helbing

Produced by: Tim Carter, Tomas Harlan, John Orlando, Lance Sloane

Cast Members: Michael Jai White, Darren Shahlavi, Tahmoh Penikett, Serge Houde, Matt Remmer, Andrew Chin, Brett Chan, Philip Mitchell, Kim Do Nguyen, Lee Henderson

Released date: April 2011

Episode(s) Number: 1x01, 1x02

Episode(s) Title: "Jax, Sonya and Kano: Part 1 & 2"

Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime

Duration: 13min

When Jax realizes time is of the essence to save Sonya from Kano's deadly hand, he holds nothing back in this action-packed, two-on-one battle to keep a shipment of stolen Robotic Defense Program material out of Kano's hands.