Leverage (Episodes Guide)

2.09 – The Lost Heir Job
aired on September 9, 2009
Directed by: Peter Winther | Written by: Chris Downey

Nathan leads a con against a corrupt lawyer trying to swindle a client’s estate.

2.10 – The Runway Job
aired on January 13, 2010
Directed by: Marc Roskin | Written by: Albert Kim

To bring down an oppressive sweatshop owner, Nate and the team crash a fashion show.

2.11 – The Bottle Job
aired on January 20, 2010
Directed by: Jonathan Frakes | Written by: Christine Boylan

To save the bar in Nathan’s building from being lost to an avaricious loan shark, the team tries an old-school con.

2.12 – The Zanzibar Marketplace Job
aired on January 27, 2010
Directed by: Jeremiah Chechik | Written by: Melissa Glenn, Jessica Rieder

When Nate’s ex-wife, Maggie, is thrown into a Ukranian jail for a crime she didn’t commit, Nate and the team are forced to partner with an old nemesis to get her out.

2.13 – The Future Job
aired on February 3, 2010
Directed by: Marc Roskin | Written by: Amy Berg, Chris Downey

The team must shut down the scams of a phony psychic.

2.15 – The Maltese Falcon Job
aired on February 17, 2010
Directed by: Dean Devlin | Written by: John Rogers

The team is trying to take down a corrupt local mayor, even with the stakes rising to dangerous levels.

4.13 – The Girls’ Night Out Job
aired on December 11, 2011
Directed by: Marc Roskin | Written by: Chris Downey, Jenn Kao

A con to take down a cunning thief who is part of a larger conspiracy is told from the point-of-view of Sophie, Parker, and Tara Cole.