Boston Public (Season Four)

4.01 – Chapter Sixty-Seven
aired on September 19, 2003
Directed by: Jonathan Pontell | Written by: David E. Kelley

Ronnie witnesses an attempted rape, then receives a shock when she presses for legal action on behalf of the victim; Hanson tries to prevent a student from being expelled for drugs.

4.02 – Chapter Sixty-Eight
aired on September 26, 2003
Directed by: Robert Yannetti | Written by: Jason Katims

A student’s mother is accused of attacking a cheerleader; Carmen faces off against a troublemaker (Milo Ventimiglia); Hansen copes with a student who says he is the son of God.

4.03 – Chapter Sixty-Nine
aired on October 3, 2003
Directed by: Mike Listo | Written by: David E. Kelley

A female student makes a serious accusation against Danny; a political debate puts a student’s life in jeopardy; Harper’s and Guber’s feelings for Marylin come to a head.

4.04 – Chapter Seventy
aired on October 17, 2003
Directed by: Steven Robman | Written by: Kerry Ehrin

A student slaps Marla’s face in front of the class, and Marla slaps her back; Hanson discovers Allison behaves like a bully at school; Carmen asks Harper to remove Jake from her class.

4.05 – Chapter Seventy-One
aired on October 24, 2003
Directed by: Joe Napolitano | Written by: Russel Friend, Garrett Lerner, Liz Heldens

Convicted of securities fraud, an investment banker avoids incarceration by teaching math at Winslow High School; a woman crashes into Guber’s vehicle.

4.07 – Chapter Seventy-Three
aired on November 7, 2003
Directed by: Allison Liddi-Brown | Written by: Douglas Steinberg, Jason Katims

Charlie Bixby takes an unconventional approach when volunteering for a teen hot line; Marla decides to try in vitro fertilization and asks Harper to be the donor.

4.08 – Chapter Seventy-Four
aired on December 5, 2003
Directed by: Mike Listo | Written by: Liz Heldens

Harper decides to call the FBI when he learns that a student has been accessing a terrorist recruitment Web site from the school library; Ronnie learns that one of her students has HIV.

4.09 – Chapter Seventy-Five
aired on December 12, 2003
Directed by: Robert Yannetti | Written by: Russel Friend, Garrett Lerner, Karen Wyscarver

Hazing issues plague the marching band’s drumline, creating a rift between Harper and Guber when it comes time to lay down the law. Meanwhile, Helena approaches Ms. Cooke about making a documentary about her, but has no clue what Helena’s agenda is. Ms. Hendricks finds out the father of a student is forced go to school with him due to a judge’s order, and ends up with more than she bargained for after trying to become the after-school female presence they both need.

4.09 – Chapter Seventy-Five
aired on December 12, 2003
Directed by: Robert Yannetti | Written by: Russel Friend, Garrett Lerner, Karen Wyscarver

A student believes he is Jesus and uses school funds to feed the homeless; the return of Hanson’s troubled sister compromises his first Christmas with his new family; Marla inadvertently books the band R.E.M. for a fund-raiser.

4.10 – Chapter Seventy-Six
aired on December 19, 2003
Directed by: Elodie Keene | Written by: Jason Katims

Rumors of hazing lead Guber to discover that the school drum line is abusing freshmen; Hanson’s television station produces a documentary about Ronnie.

4.11 – Chapter Seventy-Seven
aired on January 16, 2004
Directed by: Michael Zinberg | Written by: Kerry Ehrin

An overachieving student sues the school when she has to share presidency of the honor society with a black student in a wheelchair; Marlo begins her in-vitro process.

4.12 – Chapter Seventy-Eight
aired on January 23, 2004
Directed by: Bethany Rooney | Written by: Russel Friend, Garrett Lerner, Liz Heldens

When views on affirmative action divide the students, the teachers hope to quell the resulting tensions by debating the subject in front of the student body.

4.13 – Chapter Seventy-Nine
aired on January 30, 2004
Directed by: Patrick Norris | Written by: Liz Heldens, Jason Katims, Karen Wyscarver

Although Danny loves his sister, he is torn because Claire is reluctant to relinquish custody of her daughter; Marla opens her home to a troubled student.

4.14 – Chapter Eighty
aired on March 1, 2005
Directed by: Michael Rapaport | Written by: Douglas Steinberg

When a former student is killed in Iraq, Harper remembers taking the troubled boy under his wing; Hanson learns that a student is selling test answers.

4.15 – Chapter Eighty-One
aired on March 2, 2005
Directed by: Mike Listo | Written by: Kerry Ehrin, Liz Heldens, Jason Katims

Henry finds himself suspended for hugging a student; when Hanson starts teaching driver education, he realizes how controlling he can be.