December 15, 2020  •  No Comment  •  Boston Public, Screencaptures, TV Shows

Massive update with over 9,000 screencaptures of Jeri Ryan in the three season of Boston Public. Enjoy!

December 3, 2020  •  No Comment  •  Magazines

Jeri Ryan graced the magazine GMARO in its november 2020 issue with a double-(beautiful)-cover. Take a look in the gallery for the scans and enjoy!

November 30, 2020  •  No Comment  •  Screencaptures, Star Trek: Voyager, TV Shows

And here comes the conclusion of Jeri Ryan’s screencaptures in the remaining episodes of season 5 of Star Trek: Voyager. Enjoy!

November 20, 2020  •  No Comment  •  Screencaptures, Star Trek: Voyager, TV Shows

While not too many photos for all episodes, I gave a start on capping and sorting Voyager season 5 for Jeri. Enjoy!

November 10, 2020  •  No Comment  •  Magazines

The gallery has been updated with scans from a magazine from 1998 I purchased featuring Jeri Ryan. Take a look and enjoy!

October 17, 2020  •  No Comment  •  Boston Legal, Screencaptures, TV Shows

The gallery has been updated with HD screencaptures of Jeri Ryan in Boston Legal. Take a look and enjoy!

September 30, 2020  •  No Comment  •  Matlock, Screencaptures, TV Shows, Who's the Boss

Hello everyone, after a bit of absence – sorry about that – I’m back filling the missing photos of projects in the gallery. Today I added screencaptures of Jeri Ryan in guest episodes of Who’s the Boss? (her TV debut) and Matlock. Take a look!

August 22, 2020  •  No Comment  •  Articles & News

IDW, the publisher of the Star Trek: Year Five and Star Trek: Picard: Countdown comic series, has announced an upcoming miniseries featuring the former Borg drone, Seven of Nine.

Star Trek: Voyager “Seven’s Reckoning”, a four-part story from Star Trek: Waypoint writer Dave Baker, takes the reader into what starts out as a routine repair mission on a damaged alien vessel, somewhere in the Delta Quadrant. As events unfold, Seven of Nine “becomes ensnared by an ancient conflict, one that puts her newfound humanity to the test.”

A “lifelong Star Trek fan”, Baker shared why he enjoys writing Star Trek content. “Being able to play my small part in advancing the ideals of a better tomorrow means the world to me,” Baker said. “This plays directly into why I wanted to write the book to begin with. To put it simply, the stories we tell one another matter…and the stories we tell ourselves matter most of all.”

For “Seven’s Reckoning”, Baker joined forces with artists Angel Hernandez (Star Trek: Picard: Countdown) and Ronda Pattinson (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). IDW editor Chase Marotz praised the creative team, saying, “Dave Baker is a talented writer and huge Trek fan with a great understanding of the characters. Angel Hernandez, who has wowed fans with his work on Star Trek / Green Lantern and Picard—Countdown, keeps getting better and better, and Ronda Pattison will bring her unique palette to an all-new alien species that we think fans are going to love. We have a great crew and can’t wait for people to see where we’re going!”

The first issue of this four-part comic miniseries will be made available with several different cover designs. Cover A will feature artwork from Angel Hernandez. Cover B will show a photo of Seven of Nine, portrayed by actress Jeri Ryan. A “retailer incentive” cover is also being produced with artwork from artist Jeffery Veregge. If you’re interested in getting your hands on a copy of “Seven’s Reckoning”, IDW recommends contacting your local comic shop for more details.